The cool, crisp air of Autumn makes it a great time to get out of the house and enjoy the great outdoors. The drop in temperatures may require making some weather-related adjustments before you head out though.

These changes may include adding on another layer of clothing such as a light sweater or jacket. Chap stick or lip balm, extra lotion, and moisturizer may be needed to help battle the increased dry skin that colder weather brings. As we get deeper into the season a coat, scarf, and gloves may become necessary. For those with disabilities, accessories, such as wheelchair ponchos, chaps and cane tips, can help aid in navigating the change in temperatures and the adverse weather that often comes with the late fall season. We are going to provide you with some information on accessories and products that will help wheelchair, walker, and cane users to navigate the outdoors more easily in cooler weather.

Wheelchair Ponchos

Granny Jo Fleece Wheelchair Poncho

Wheelchair ponchos provide an extra layer of warmth against the frigid temperatures as well as protecting the wearer and the chair itself from rain. An added bonus is that they have wide openings, making them easier to get on and off than standard jackets or coats. This is helpful for those with limited upper body movement. Wheelchair ponchos cater to both men and women and come in various colors and materials. We offer a lightweight gray fleece poncho that will help keep the chill off.

Wheelchair Weather Chaps

Wheelchair Weather Chaps

For those with limited mobility in their lower extremities, wheelchair weather chaps can be a God-send. You don’t have to struggle to get your legs and feet through them, instead you place your feet into the bottom of them and pull it up over your lap. Thus they provide extra warmth to your legs and feet as well as your lap area, without a lot of fuss. Our wheelchair weather chaps are waterproof and are equipped with a lining that can be removed if you get too hot and a velcro strap to help keep the chaps secured behind your lower legs.

Walker and Cane Accessories

Cane/Crutch Tip

Walker and cane safety is important at all times, but it becomes even more essential in adverse weather such as snow and ice. Just as we prepare our cars for snow by equipping them with snow tires, you can prepare your walker by placing walker balls on the wheels to add traction and prevent sliding. You can find these slide prevention aids sold in pairs on our website. Cane tips provide the same protection for cane users that walker balls provide for walkers. Our Ingrid Classic Cane and Crutch Tips have a tread pattern on the bottom of them that provides extra grip not offered by the standard cane tip. This will help prevent slips and falls during icy weather.

We hope this product/accessory information will ease the challenge of navigating the outdoors in cold weather.

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