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Rollators are a form of walker that has wheels and brakes. They are designed to provide support for the upper body and are useful for people who have difficulty walking, and offer greater mobility, comfort and less fatigue. Rollators move smoothly over the ground, both inside or outdoors. Traditional walkers must be lifted with each step, requiring strength, energy, and coordination. Rollators make walking easier than a standard walker and can be customized and accessorized based on the needs of the user.
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Arm adjust to hold a variety of beverages.
Four pockets allow easy access to variety of items.
Portable carrier for D or E size oxygen cylinders for rollator walkers
Easily attaches to a variety of mobility devices with round tubing.
Creates a convenient hook on a walker to hang a purse or bag.
Simply snap one side of the clip onto a tubular structure.
Soft, gel cushion pads with zippered closures.
Lightweight, nylon oxygen bag increases mobility for walker users.
Durable fabric cup holder for vertical tubing
$24.95 $23.95
Convenient storage space for your walker.
Swings out of the way without having to remove the beverage.
D size oxygen tank bag easily attaches to a rolling walker
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