These drink holders allow you to carry cups, bottles, drinks, and other beverages on your scooter or powerchair.

Drink Holders

Drink holders come in different styles & mounting systems so you can find the best model that fits your powerchair or scooter.

  • Universal Drink Holders are offered in standard sizes for bottles, cups, and mugs and usually mount onto a powerchair or scooter with a clamp.
  • Folding Drink Holders can be closed to allow power chairs and scooters easier access through narrow doorways.
  • Unbreakable Drink Holders are made of durable fabric and adjust to fit a variety of cup sizes.
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Choose clamp for round or square tubing, for wheelchair, walker, scooter frames
$24.95 $19.95
Durable fabric cup holder
Durable fabric cup holder with horizontal side mounting
Durable fabric cup holder for vertical tubing
Securely holds a cup at the end of the arm rest to free up your hands for steering
Easily attaches to a variety of mobility devices with round tubing.
Arm adjust to hold a variety of beverages.
The ultimate, universal flexible arm beverage holder for mobility aid users.
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