April is a time of spring and rejuvenation, and is also the month where we honor occupational therapists and assistants. The American Occupational Therapy Association has officially designated this moth as Occupational Therapy Month.

Did you know that more than 180,000 occupational therapists and assistants work in the US to create better lives for patients and their families?

Occupational therapy plays a vital role in helping people from young to old to do the things that they want to do each day. Occupational therapy allows people in all age groups to live their lives as fully as possible, and to live as good a life as possible with any disability, illness or injury.

What Occupational Therapists Do

Some of the many vital services that OTs provide include the following:
  • Helping older drivers to drive more safely by providing driving assessments and recommendations for special equipment.
  • Assisting someone who has had a stroke to maintain as much independence as possible. Some of the tasks the OT can help with are dressing, bathing and cooking.
  • Providing emotional support for the elderly as they are dealing with both mental and physical changes.

Most OTs have a holistic point of view - the focus is on how to adapt the environment to fit the needs of the individual. The patient is a vital part of the therapy team. 

So, in the month of April, we are pleased to highlight the special role that OTs have in our society. If you work with an OT, you know how important they are for helping you to maintain your independence.

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American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)
American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)
American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)