We all have those days, weeks, or months when getting out of bed feels like the hardest task of the day. This feeling is worse for the elderly that can’t get out of bed themselves, they want to be up and get their day started but there are too many complications in the way. Here’s a list of helpful products and how to use them to make getting out of bed a less dreadful task.

Bed Rails - This nifty tool has more than one use. It provides support to get in and out of bed comfortably but also has a railing feature that prevents falling out of bed.

Bed Handle - Sometimes, we just don’t want a bulky rail sitting aside our bed. This handle prevents falling by offering a sturdy grip for users to aid in standing. It’s lightweight and doesn’t take up much bed space, either.

Advantage Rail - This product is designed to fit in any room, acting as a support rail for transfers, standing, and sitting. Not everyone can put a pole or rail in their ceiling and this is a great alternative to keep around the house in multiple rooms.

These products help maintain a sturdy and balanced life without requiring the assistance of a caregiver or family member. It can prevent falls and unneeded strain on sore joints and muscles.

The Second Hardest Task of the Day

Once we’re up and getting the day started, now it’s time to get motivated to be active and move around. This can be especially difficult if you have a leg injury or aches and pains with stiff joints or muscles. Something such as a transport chair can aid in staying active by providing a walker and a chair in the same product. Often times we’re out and about and there’s no place to sit without walking another ten minutes, which is why a transport chair can be so helpful.

Tasks and activities won't seem so dreadful when there’s support or options to sit throughout the day, that’s why walking aids can be very useful and beneficial. It takes the dread out of being active again and improves independence as assistance from someone else isn’t always required. Don’t let achy joints and weakened muscles stop you from getting out there again, there’s always a way to get ahead of the game to stay active and healthy.

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