There a number of ways in which wheelchair trays assist people with limited mobility in their daily lives. The controller, the armrests and the height of a wheelchair can present obstacles to people who use wheelchairs when trying to pull up to a table. At events such as family reunions or meet-and-greet receptions, there are no tables in sight, which can be a problem for those who have to utilize a table to eat. Or maybe having a surface to lean on makes you more comfortable while sitting for long periods. Getting a tray that attaches to your armrest is a way to have a table surface around whenever you need one.

In what ways do you want to use your wheelchair tray?

Whatever your reason for getting a tray might be, you need to know what you want to get out of your tray before purchasing. Do you simply want something to lay your drink on? Are you looking for something to lean on for greater comfort and balance? Do you plan on doing a lot of work, such at doing homework or sorting through mail, on your tray? How you answer these questions will help determine which of our trays will be best for you. Furthermore, do not forget to take measurements of your wheelchair’s width armrest-to-armrest, as well as the dimensions of the armrests themselves, in order to determine compatibility with a specific tray.

Half trays offer unobtrusive convenience

If you want a tray for holding a drink or doing light paperwork, you may want to consider our half trays. The Woodgrain Flip Down Half Tray is made of wood with a laminate top layer and lacquer finish. This tray is particularly useful in that it folds down and out of the way when not in use, without the need to detach it from the armrests.

On the other hand, the Clear Flip Away Wheelchair Armrest Tray is ideal for those who want their tray to look discrete. It is made of transparent polycarbonate and folds upward for easy entry and exit to and from the wheelchair.

The Flip Away Wheelchair Armrest Half Tray works the same way but is made of soft foam for those who rest their elbows a lot on the tray, and it features a handy cup holder.

A larger tray for getting work done

For those of you who want to get down to work, the Clear Wheelchair Work Tray has a large surface area stretching from one armrest to the other, allowing you to spread out all your busy paperwork!

Many people who use wheelchairs require a table to hold items or to lean on. Greatly increase your day-to-day convenience with the proper wheelchair tray.