Why is it important to be positioned appropriately in the wheelchair?

With prolonged sitting, patients begin to shift their bodies into abnormal postures to seek stability and/or alleviate pain or pressure. It is crucial that you understand the signs and symptoms to decide whether your goal is to correct or accommodate for the abnormal posture.

Benefits of Good Wheelchair Positioning:

  1. allows for more comfort and less fatigue with greater ability to interact with the environment.

  2. promotes good posture which decreases pain especially in the neck, shoulders and back.

  3. allows a person to better perform activities of daily living such as eating and brushing hair.

  4. distributes a person’s weight to decrease the risk of skin breakdown/pressure ulcers, caused by bad posture and lack of movement.

  5. decreases the risk of the patient falling out of the chair and being injured.

  6. improves a person’s ability to see more of the surroundings, breathe and swallow better and have better digestion.

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