The summer is almost here. While we can all take this opportunity to get out and get active, we do have to take precautions to protect ourselves against the summer heat.

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things we can do in the midst of all our summer activities. Drinking plenty of liquids carries many benefits. It prevents dehydration, kidney stones, UTIs and even sunburn.

Carry water or sports drinks

To get into the habit of drinking enough liquids, one good strategy is to keep a bottle of water or sports drink around at all times, especially when out and about. This is difficult for those in wheelchairs, but we have many cup holders made just for the purpose of holding your cold beverage.

Hold large bottles

The Front Mount Unbreakable Cup Holder doesn’t play games. It can hold bottles of up to 32 ounces to allow you to drink as much as you want throughout the day. The PVC lining inside keeps condensation from dripping everywhere. Velcro straps hold the Front Mount Unbreakable Cup Holder securely in place, allowing you to hold heavy bottles. No amount of liquid is too much for this heavy duty cup holder. Drink up!

Keep a water bottle on your tray

If you use a wheelchair tray, the Freedom Non Skid Cup Holder is for you. The suction pad secures it strongly to any clean surface. Order the large size version and carry up to 46 ounces of liquid to beat the summer heat.

Have your favorite beverage nearby

The Freedom Extra Long Wheelchair Drink Holder is the ultimate, universal flexible arm beverage holder for mobility aid users. An adjustable, 20 inch long, heavy-duty flexible gooseneck arm with a black painted finish supports up to 2 pounds when fully extended in the horizontal (weakest) orientation.

Use adjustable strap to fit any cup

The Vertical Mount Unbreakable Cup Holder is made of durable polyester fabric and keeps condensation from dripping. Its special adjustable strap makes it possible to hold small cups or large bottles of up to 32 ounces. The attachment design helps the cup holder stay upright.

It can be hard for those in wheelchairs to stay hydrated, since they often cannot grab a drink for themselves from the refrigerator or shelf. Having a system for keeping your drink on you at all times will work wonders for your overall health.

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