Juggling a scooter and a walking aid, such as a cane or walker, is a cumbersome task. Whereas wheelchairs are generally designed for more permanent usage, scooters are made for getting from point A to point B, usually by those who can get out of their scooters once they have reached their destination. Nonetheless, many scooter users also have walking aids to use once they get out of their scooters. We have many holders for crutches, canes and walkers that hang conveniently on the back of your scooter, allowing you to carry these items safely and easily.

Not just any bag will do

Not having the right holder can be a big problem. You need a holder that is shaped specifically for your type of walking aid to prevent damaging expensive equipment. Since our holders are designed specifically for walking aids, they are also very compact, increasing overall safety.

Even walkers can be easy to carry

If you are having to transport a standard walker, you need the Walker Holder for Scooters. This holder, made here in the USA, is wide enough to hold your walker. Simply fold your walker and place it upside down in the holder with the legs pointing upward. The two straps and buckle on the holder will fasten securely to most scooter and wheelchair backs.

A slender cane holder

Our Cane Carrier is particularly fashionable, as it is shaped long and thin like a cane and therefore does not look bulky. Also, because of its shape, it will hold your cane in an upright manner. When you order, make sure to specify whether you are using a scooter or a wheelchair with push handles. Using this holder is easier and safer than other methods, as it prevents the cane from sticking out sideways or getting caught in the chair’s tires.

A holder shaped perfectly for crutches

For those of you who use crutches, our Crutch Holder is shaped perfectly to carry forearm and underarm crutches on the back of your scooter. Again, you will need to specify whether you use a wheelchair with push handles or a scooter.

Don't make life hard by trying to carry oblong or variously shaped mobility equipment with bags and straps that are not made for this purpose. Each piece of equipment deserves a holder that conforms to its size and shape, and we hope to help you find the holder appropriate for your needs.