Summer time is here again, and we here at The Wright Stuff always want to stress the importance of staying hydrated during these hot months. If you are having to use crutches right now, you want to be especially careful exerting energy and upper body strength, which could potentially cause fatigue and dehydration. We are selling bags that can easily strap on to your crutch to carry water bottles and food items.

Drinking liquids while before and after exerting energy

Fitness Magazine says that when exercising, people often find themselves hungry. This is partially because hunger and thirst sensations are easily confused. While it is important to eat enough carbs and protein for fuel, sometimes it feels like our bodies are telling us we are hungry when they are really telling us we need to drink more liquids.

While using crutches, you may feel like your hands are all tied up. It is certainly hard to hold on to a water bottle while using crutches, and backpacks are hot and bulky during summer months. A simple, small carry bag for your drink makes things a lot easier.

A crutch bag for any occasion

Crutcheze Underarm Crutch Bag

Crutcheze Underarm Crutch Bag

The Crutcheze Underarm Crutch Bag is one of our largest carry bags but fits very snugly and has adjustable height. You can fit a wide range of materials in this bag for different occasions. Use it at home to carry the remote with you or out and about to carry your water bottle to stay hydrated. You can also pack food like a banana or a sandwich for a quick source of energy on the go.

For those of you with walkers or wheelchairs, check out our walkers accessories page or wheelchair accessories page for the cup or bottle holder perfect for you.

It is relatively easy to become dehydrated in this record heat we have been experiencing in the past few years. The first step to prevention is not to leave home unprepared. These carry bags will make it much more convenient to beat the heat.