Scooter Accessories that Let Your Personality Shine Through

Scooters that come straight from the manufacturer tend to be more "blah" than "wow!" After all, the manufacturer is more interested in providing you with a safe, functional mobility device than in giving you a snappy scooter that expresses your personality. Break away from the pack with a mind-bending range of accessories to spiff up your "hog" and let you cruise into the sunset with style!

Scooter Cup Holders for Afternoon Coffee with Friends

Don't be left out of coffee gatherings, afternoon teas, or sodas on the front porch. It's easy to drive your scooter, keep both hands free, and carry your beverage with safety and ease, when you've got a cup holder. Scooter cup holders clamp securely on and let you transport hot liquids without fear of spilling. Simple, one-touch controls let you remove the container for easy access to your drink.

Safety Flags Say "Hey World, I'm Here"

They'll see you coming with a tall safety flag that quickly folds away when not in use. Safety flags do more than stamp your personality on the world. They also make you more visible in dangerous areas like streets and parking lots, since scooters tend to ride low to the ground.

Scooter Bags to Tote Items in Style

Is your present scooter bag worn out, too small, or just plain ugly? An entire spectrum of crisp, new scooter bags are available that can hold everything from the smallest cell phone to the largest grocery store items.

The ever-popular tiller bag (for your steering column) now comes in a range of sizes, from a large size to carry newspapers and groceries, to compact sizes for smaller items. If you need to access your things quickly and with a maximum degree of comfort, saddle or side bags are the way to go. These bags easily slip over your scooter's arms, are simple to clean, and keep items neatly organized. Finally, seatback bags are just what they sound like: giant bags for the back of the scooter that provide the biggest carrying space of any kind of scooter bag. Are you a scooter user who may need some help walking once you are off the scooter? Well, there are even giant-sized seatback carriers made specially for collapsible walkers.

With all of these available scooter accessories, you never have to settle for a bland scooter anymore.