Careful There--Be Sure to Obey the Speed Limit!

It's funny how the common perception of walkers is that they are slow, creaky, and outmoded. This little steel-and-rubber beauty is actually one of the best things to come down the pike in recent years for persons who need a little help getting around.

What are your other options? Wheelchairs are great, but unless you really need one, they are hard to maneuver and unwieldy to stow in cars. Canes--you can't get much lighter and simpler than a cane--but some people need more than one extra leg to help them along. That's why the walker is such a great mobility aid. It's like a cane, but with four legs. It's like a wheelchair, but it's far lighter and it lets you stand up.

So if you've got a stock, straight-off-the-dealer's-lot walker, you may want to provision it with some accessories for you to hit the road in style and safety. After all, no self-respecting auto connoisseur would be caught dead driving his Jaguar without extra doo-dads to turn heads as he speeds along the highway. Here's your shopping list:

Your Headlights

Can you believe it, but walkers now have headlights? Super-bright LED lights easily strap on with Velcro and illuminate the road up to eight feet in front and four feet to the side. Bulbs last up to 50,000 hours and the lights take just one 9 volt battery.

Your Steering Wheel Cover

Otherwise known as walker grips. Get a firm, comfortable grasp on your walker with terrycloth or fleece hand grips that go on easily, and keep your hands nice and dry. Regular walker grips are no good for anything other than getting from the bedroom to the bathroom. If you want to go out, or just be comfortable with your indoor travels, walker grips are the way to go.

Your Accessory Holders

Forget about putting your groceries, books, or personal items in a plastic bag and hanging it from your walker. With this wide range of accessory holders designed specifically for walkers, it's a snap to put them on--and they carry so much.

  • Solid Baskets - sturdy poly baskets that attach to the front and hold heavy items.
  • Small Holders - clamp-ons for small items like a phone or glasses.
  • Front Bags - truly the workhorse of accessory bags.
  • Side Bags - a good way to keep accessories away from your legs as you walk.
  • Carry Alls - the most spacious bag for the largest items you will want to carry.
  • Bag Hooks - carry a purse or a couple of light-weight grocery bags.

Your Wheels

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to move your walker on carpeted surfaces? Not quite wheels, but these skis, tips, balls, and slides for walkers help you move smoothly on surfaces that are less than smooth. You will be amazed at how much more pleasant walking can be with one of these devices to save arms from continually picking up and moving the walker.

Your Drink Holders

Last but not least, but sure to pick up a walker cup holder to pick up your Starbucks coffee at the drive-thru before hitting the road again.