Everybody is looking for more carrying room. Have you noticed the trends with cars lately? Big SUVs and trucks have been getting even bigger, allowing drivers to carry more passengers, dogs, groceries, and shopping items. Scooters are no exception.

While you probably won't be carrying passengers or dogs in your scooter anytime soon, you will be amazed at the ever-expanding (no pun intended!) line of bags, baskets, and totes that let you carry even more of your essential items. If size isn't your thing, you'll be happy to see that scooter carrying accessories have gotten smarter and more organized. After all, no one likes pawing through twenty items just to find one item.

Seatback Bags for Scooters

Typically constructed of sturdy, easily cleanable fabric, the main advantage of seatback bags is that they maximize your carrying room. After all, the scooter back is the best area of carrying large items. Seatback bags attach and detach quickly by means of nylon straps, so you can take them with you when you go indoors.

Seatback bags range from mega-sized bags that are essentially one big space for your books, groceries, and shopping mall trove (think: a car trunk for your scooter) to smaller, more segmented bags that allow you to better organize your necessities. One thing you should be aware of with seatback bags is that they are not easily accessible while you are riding the scooter. While you do get the big carrying room, you pay the price with accessibility. One notable exception: it is possible to find seatback bags with side access. You still have to reach around the back--difficult if you have impaired hand or arm strength--but it's not necessary to get off of the scooter.

Side or Saddle Bags for Scooters

You'll gain better accessibility with side or saddle bags that attach to the arms of your scooter. Saddle bags have less carrying capacity than seatback bags, but you may find that's not an issue with most of your daily tasks. The saddle bag straps are soft to the touch--no rough nylon straps to chafe the skin. Saddle bags range from small bags appropriate for phones, glasses, and paperbacks, all the way up to extra-big saddle bags that can carry a Sunday newspaper or even a few canned goods or frozen dinners. Though the big bags hang low, not to worry: they always ride high enough to maintain plenty of clearance from your scooter wheels.

Tiller Bags for Scooters

"Tiller bags? I don't plan on doing any gardening," you might say. Even scooter veterans may not know this, but the central console with the "steering wheel" and drive controls is called a tiller. So there. Now you know.

Tiller bags attach to the tiller, and start small and range up to large sizes. Giant-sized tiller bags are not generally available because they impair your steering ability. Tiller bags provide accessible storage room for those items you use frequently, like glasses and keys. One aspect about tiller bags to note: they are not as easy to access as are saddle bags. You may need to leave the scooter or lean very far forward to open tiller bags.

Easy cleanable and simple to attach and detach, tiller bags are a popular choice among scooter users.