Do you need to know the answer to this question? If you or a loved one has trouble walking, you might be searching for walkers on the Internet only to find there are many different kinds.

Should you get one with or without wheels? Will your loved one be able to use a standard, no-wheel walker? And what’s the deal with those tennis balls? Do you need them?

Well, we’re here to fill you in on a topic that might seem simple at first but actually requires a decision-making process. Let’s give you a simple rundown of your options with regards to walkers.

1. The walker with no wheels

Standard walkers do not have any wheels. While this is an inconvenience for many, it can provide extra stability as long as the person using it is able to lift it slightly in order to take the next step.

We do not currently sell standard walkers. Customers usually want more flexibility than standard walkers can give.

2. The two-wheel walker

The “rolling walker” or “two-wheel walker” has wheels in the front with either tennis balls or specially designed sliders in the back. This is a little like having the best of both worlds. The wheels provide for more speed, while the back legs can be borne upon for added support and stability.

Easy Fold and Go Walker by Standers
Easy Fold and Go Walker by Standers

The Easy Fold and Go Walker by Standers is a great option for a two-wheel walker. Unlike traditional walkers, it is lightweight at only eight pounds and what’s more, it folds for storage in the car trunk or the overhead compartment of airplanes! We think that’s pretty awesome.

3. Rollators

Commonly called rollators, these four-wheel walkers definitely offer the smoothest ride. They usually feature a small seat the user can rest on.

U Step II Walker
U Step II Walker

The U Step II Walker is a great example of a rollator and yet so much more. Most rollators feature four wheels and, depending on how they’re made, might cause balance problems. The U Step II Walker helps counter this effect by its state-of-the-art wheel design that literally surrounds the user for added stability. Furthermore, it has a special braking system that only allows the walker to move when one of the handles is squeezed.

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