The summer heat waves are picking up throughout the country, with predicted record highs in June for some areas.

While summer is the season for games, swimming, barbecue and other leisurely outdoor activities, it is also a time to be careful of the dangers of dehydration and heat stroke.

Heatstroke can cause real damage

Heatstroke occurs when your body has been overheated for a long period of time, resulting in several symptoms, such as increased heart and breathing rates, nausea, vomiting, headaches, deliriousness, and many other problems that are not at all fun.

Heatstroke can cause lasting damage, especially if left untreated. Prevent heatstroke by listening to your body and avoiding over-exertion in the next few months.

One common cause of heatstroke that often slips under our radar is making sure we are not dehydrating.

If you are not drinking enough fluids, your body eventually becomes depleted, especially if you are already sweating profusely. You need to replace the water that the heat is taking away from your body.

Why it’s hard to stay hydrated

However, for many of us who have mobility limitations, drinking is not always accessible. If there is no one around to help pour a drink, you might end up going without. Furthermore, it is hard to hold a cup while also steering a wheelchair.

For this reason, we have an intelligently designed drinking aid that will take away some of these difficulties and make it more likely that you will drink your required amount of fluids.

An adjustable, folding cup holder

The Folding Wheelchair Cup Holder is one of our most versatile drinking cup holders, and it can be mounted and unmounted relatively easily and folds up when not in use.

The special folding feature of the Folding Wheelchair Cup Holder offers the ability to leave the holder mounted even when going through doorways. When folded in the up position, the holder only takes up one inch of space on the side of the chair.

Furthermore, the Folding Wheelchair Cup Holder holds cup sizes of several ranges, from 16 to 46 ounces.

Keeping water close-by makes a big difference

For people with mobility limitations and weakness in the arms, the Folding Wheelchair Cup Holder provides a surface for holding drinks, preventing the need to find a table to rest your drink on. This is especially useful during outdoor get-togethers and other large gatherings, when accommodations and accessible table surfaces are often lacking.

The Folding Wheelchair Cup Holder makes it more likely you will actually drink the amount of liquids you know you need to drink. Beat the heat this summer, and stay ahead of problems that are easily preventable. Avoiding heatstroke can be as simple as staying cool and keeping a drink by your side when you need it.

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