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Wheelchair Travel Suitcase Bag - Discontinued
Wheelchair Travel Suitcase Bag

Wheelchair Travel Suitcase Bag - Discontinued

Durable, lightweight travel and storage suitcase for folding wheelchairs

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Troy Technologies Inc.
  • Light weight travel wheelchair case helpful for traveling
  • Built in padding protects mobility aids
  • Designed for easy on board storage
The Wheelchair Travel Suitcase Bag protects folding wheelchairs and helps to make carrying-on and storage of wheelchairs on airplanes, trains, and in cars easier and more convenient. This high-quality travel and storage suitcase allows users to easily maneuver through busy airports and train stations.

The Wheelchair Travel Suitcase Bag features heavy duty roller wheels and telescoping handles that allow users to easily maneuver, carry, load and unload from storage spaces. The suitcase will accommodate most manual, non-powered wheelchairs. The internal dimensions are 31 inches high, 26 inches long, 12 inches wide. Internal zippered expansion pockets provide extra space, and the case is flexible enough to stretch around chairs that are slightly outside these dimensions. The flexible case has wire frame with durable Cordura fabric and padding that offers added protection. Internal straps are designed to hold folded wheelchairs firmly in place. The Wheelchair Travel Suitcase Bag provides protection for a folding wheelchair for travelers.

Wheelchair Travel Suitcase Bag Specifications:

  • Fabric: 1200 Denier Nylon fabric.
  • Internal Dimensions: 12 inches wide, 26 inches long, 31 inches high.
  • Color: Charcoal gray/black.
  • Accommodates: Most non-powered folding wheelchairs and travel wheelchairs.
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