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Wheelchair Rain Poncho in Navy
Wheelchair Rain Poncho in Navy provides full body coverage for wheelchair users.

Wheelchair Rain Poncho in Navy

Water proof rain poncho with cotton lining

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  • Waterproof poncho made of durable Supplex
  • Fully lined with soft poly cotton fabric
  • Longer fabric in front to cover wearer’s legs
For individuals who utilize wheelchair or scooters, a standard rain coat will not adequately cover their entire body. The Wheelchair Rain Poncho in Navy is a water repellent poncho that is modified for wheelchair and scooter users.

The back of the Wheelchair Rain Poncho in Navy is shorter to prevent it from becoming entangled in the wheelchair wheels, and the front is longer to cover the wearer's legs. The waterproof poncho made of durable Supplex® has a full lining made of super soft poly cotton fabric. The over sized hood and zippered front closure make this poncho easy to slip on and off for people with limited mobility.

Wheelchair Rain Poncho in Navy Specifications:

  • Materials: Water repellent Supplex® shell, poly cotton lining.
  • Color: Navy Blue.
  • Care: Machine washable.
  • Weight: 2.00 lbs.
  • Made in: U.S.A.
  • Measures: 73 inches long in front, 56 3/8 inches long in back.
  • Hood opening: Zippered closure.
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