Cup Holders allow you to carry cups, bottles, drinks and other beverages.

Wheelchair Cup Holders

Wheelchair Cup Holders are available in different styles and mounting systems for you to find the best model that fits your individual needs and preferences.
  • Universal Cup Holders are offered in standard sizes for bottles, cups and mugs and usually mount on wheelchair tubing with a clamp.
  • Folding Cup Holders can be closed to allow wheelchairs easier access through narrow doorways.
  • Unbreakable Cup Holders are made of durable fabric and adjust to fit a variety of cup sizes.
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Patented non skid vacuum system. It Won't Move!
Durable cup holders with slotted openings for mug handles, with mounting systems for different armrests.
Holds a drink securely on wheelchair frame, bed rails or other tubular frames.
Durable fabric cup holder
Durable fabric cup holder with horizontal side mounting
Durable fabric cup holder for vertical tubing
Universal brackets mount horizontally or vertically and lock in desired angle.
Package of 10 straws, 28 inches long with 3 flexible sections.
$12.95 $10.95
Securely holds a cup at the end of the arm rest to free up your hands for steering
Holds your mug so you do not have to!
GRIP Solutions holder for drinks holds your cup so you do not have to
Easily attaches to a variety of mobility devices with round tubing.
Arm adjust to hold a variety of beverages.
Swings out of the way without having to remove the beverage.
Choose clamp for round or square tubing, for wheelchair, walker, scooter frames
$24.95 $19.95
Expanding holder for containers up to 24 ounces
The ultimate, universal flexible arm beverage holder for mobility aid users.
Package of 50 straws, 28 inches long with 3 flexible sections.
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