Those of you who use a walker know that one of the first steps to using it correctly is to properly support your weight with your arms. This can be tricky and even painful at first, but the right walker handle pad could get you well on your way to getting accustomed to your new walker.

While it is important to support your weight by pushing downward on the handle bars, especially when stepping with an injured or weak foot, the constant pressure on the hands can become a problem. All walkers come with a handle, but many of these handles are made of hard plastic or other material. These handles can be painful if you have sensitive skin or if you have suffered from a cut or an abrasion that still needs to heal. For these situations, the solution may be a no brainer. A simple pad could do the trick.

The pad you need depends on the type of walker you have. If you have a U-shaped walker, you need a pad that is open at both ends. However, rollator walkers — the ones with four wheels and brake handles — require a pad with a closed end.

Hand pads offer steady grip and reduce moisture

The versatile Walker and Crutch Hand Pads work with both U-shaped walkers and crutches and are made of comfortable, absorbent terrycloth to offer a soft and comfortable grip. It is sold in pairs and wraps easily around the handle with Velcro-like straps.

Extra fluffy hand pads

Also available for U-shaped walkers are the Walker Grip Wraps. These thicker handle pads are made of soft, sheepskin-like fleece and feature a cotton lining with “Grip Dots” to prevent the wrap from slipping.

Gel hand pads distribute pressure on the hand evenly

Another comfortable solution is our state-of-the-art gel handle pads. The Gel Walker Handle Covers are made for traditional U-shaped walkers. They have a solid gel and open cell foam interior with a rubber and nylon surface. This means they are perfect for protecting bony prominences and reducing abrasions and harmful pressure on the hand.

The Gel Rollator Handle Covers are made of the same material but have a closed end to fit on rollator walkers. Both the Rollator Handle Covers and the Walker Handle Covers are easily cleaned with a washcloth and should not be placed in a washer.

Protecting our hands is not always something we consider, but when using a walker on a day-to-day basis, why not prevent harmful pressure where possible?