Walker baskets, hand-grips, glides, trays, bags and cup holders.

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If you require temporary support for getting around, then a personal mobility aid like a walker may be what you need. We have searched for products to help make your walker more user friendly. At Mobility-Aids.com, we offer easy to use walker accessories and easy to attach walker accessories. Shop online for walker accessories including walker baskets, hand-grips, glide tips, trays, cup holders and more!
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Creates a convenient hook on a walker to hang a purse or bag.
$11.95 $8.95
Makes it convenient for the handicapped person to comply with displaying the parking permit.
$20.95 $16.95
Hands free automatic safety light for walkers, canes or rollators.
Pair of gel hands pads fit over the handle grips on a traditional walker.
$26.95 $19.95
Soft, gel cushion pads with zippered closures.
Hermell walker handgrips improve hand comfort
Improves mobility freedom for people using an oxygen tank
$35.95 $25.95
Snap on cane carrier for walker and rollators
Durable 4 pocket bag ideal for carrying personal items while using a walker.
Provide excellent comfort and pressure relief for walker users.
Visual & auditory cueing module emits red beam to help increase stride length.
Helpful tray and basket for the U Step II Walker
Curved back design allows the light to fit snugly against round surfaces of scooters, walkers, and wheelchairs.
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