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Turn Easy Transfer Disc
Turn Easy Transfer Disc

Turn Easy Transfer Disc

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The rotating pivot disk provides a smooth, controlled motion.
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The Turn Easy Transfer Disc is a rotating pivot disk that makes transferring easy and safe. While helpful for most type of transfer, it is especially useful for transfers in close spaces when used as a standing pivot transfer aid. Rotating pivot disc works like a lazy susan turntable and makes transferring easier.

The Turn Easy Transfer Disc has a rubber disc on bottom that provides a non-slip surface, the top plastic disk slides against a fabric center. The non-friction carpet center works like ball bearings to provide a smooth, controlled motion that makes the user feel secure. This transfer disc can also be used for sitting transfers and is ideal for getting in and out of a car seat. The flexible design allows the user to sit on the device and turn on a bed or chair. People with limited mobility will find this transfer aid portable and space saving. The Turn Easy Transfer disc measures 15 inches diameter, 2/5 inch thick, and has a 280 lb weight capacity.

Turn Easy Transfer Disc Specifications:

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