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Synergel Dimensions Gel Cushion
Synergel Dimensions Gel Cushion

Synergel Dimensions Gel Cushions - Discontinued

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Comfortable, pressure relieving gel wheelchair cushions that do not leak.
Part Number: MSR51
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The Synergel Dimensions Gel Cushions are gel wheelchair cushions with a unique cellular design that provides increased pressure reduction and allows air flow for increased comfort. Synergel Dimensions Gel Cushions distribute a point pressure over a wide area thereby reducing the pressure per square inch and decreasing pressure when sitting in a wheelchair.

This proprietary silicone polymer was designed to mimic the same physical characteristics as human fat tissue to reduce pressure, impact and vibration. Medical grade silicone gel won't rot or dry out, will not flow or leak if cut or punctured. Synergel Dimensions Gel Cushions are very durable and made in USA. Unlike other gel pads, these gel cushions will not retain heat and are odorless. The gel also remains pliable and soft when in extreme temperatures and is ideal for use in places where the pad might get wet. Cell design enhances cooling and drying, provides pressure reduction, and allows increased air circulation and heat dissipation which increases comfort. Choose from 3 sizes: 14 inches wide x 14 inches deep, 16 inches wide x 16 inches deep, and 18 inches wide x 18 inches deep. The 14x14 weighs 3lbs, the 16x16 weighs 4lbs, and the 18x18 weighs 5lbs.

Synergel Dimensions Gel Cushions Specifications:

  • Material: Medical grade silicone gel.
  • Thickness: 1/2 inch.
  • Available sizes: 14 x 14 inches, 16 x 16 inches, 18 x 18 inches.
  • Made in: USA.

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