It’s National Safety Month this June and if you weren’t planning to do the safety dance before, you probably should now. While dancing isn’t exactly our priority this month, it is another activity that can go wrong at any moment. So whether you’re dancing, walking, driving, or just have plain bad luck, here’s some tips to keep you safe.

  • Walking Aids - For those of us that struggle to keep up a good momentum when walking, there’s plenty of resources to keep us from overexerting ourselves with such a task. A personal favorite are canes, not only do they help aid in walking but they are incredibly mobile-friendly and are easy to take with you wherever you may go.
  • Stay Wheelchair Accessible - This one is for those that want to experience the pool or the beach but can’t risk leaving their wheelchair long enough to do it. Aquatic Wheelchairs allow you to safely roam wet environments this summer without compromising your safety.
  • Stay Stable - Whether you’re transporting from the bedroom to the bathroom or the living room to the car, there are several options to help aid you in standing, walking, and sitting without risking your health. Transfer aids can be attached to the bed, bathtub, or even your couch to help reduce the risk of falling.
  • Keep Hydrated - The most important time of the year to keep hydrated is summer, the average number of people that die of heatstroke a year is 658. Not only is water healthy for you but it’s refreshing and can do many things like reduce headaches, nausea, or swelling. If you’re driving in the heat, take some bottled water, even in the cool space of our cars it’s easy to get dehydrated.
  • Plan With a Friend - They say there’s strength in numbers, but there’s also safety in numbers. It’s never a good idea to go out alone, so try to make plans with friends or family. Whether it’s for a vacation or something as simple as grocery shopping, it’s always a comfort to have someone by your side in case anything goes wrong.
  • With summer near there’s never been a better to excuse to go outside until now, but sometimes getting out of the house is tricky when we don’t have the proper equipment we can rely on. However, it’s not only about the kind of equipment to use but how to take care of ourselves while we’re out there in that heat. Keeping hydrated will help fatigue, dizziness and heat exhaustion and always stay well rested before doing strenuous activities. There’s no easy way to predict a fall or a stroke, but we can eliminate some of the outcomes by preparing ourselves for tomorrow. Stay safe and have fun this summer time, there’s no better time to enjoy the things we love!

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