On August 19, 1988, President Ronald Reagan gave a heartfelt speech on why the elderly should be praised and appreciated for all they’ve accomplished and achieved. This led to the National Senior Citizens Day to be made on August 21st. We should always appreciate and care for our seniors but to make it official, Reagan gave them a day to celebrate their accomplishments and achievements as seniors. August 21st is right around the corner and with being in the middle of summer, we’ve jotted down some ideas for celebration, and some useful tools for our seniors to stay mobile during this mini holiday.

Walking Aids

Even the healthiest people can still struggle with walking, especially if they travel outside a lot. Instead of providing a bare-minimum walker for seniors to use, we’ve something even better. The Platform U Step Walker offers additional upper body support and a better grip, making that once dreaded walk a breeze, a walk around the park, if you will.

Upper body support isn’t the only thing we can provide, but we also have a modified Press Down U Step Walker that offers full support, easy to use brakes, and better grip for weakened hands. To further enhance this experience, a U Step Walker Basket can be attached to either modified walkers and can greatly ease the burden of lugging things around all day. Perfect for events and parties. Speaking of parties...

Take a Holiday

For those of you looking to spoil your favorite senior this year, we have a few ideas for you. A great vacation for our elderly can consist of anything from a cruise to an outdoor barbeque. One is significantly cheaper, but they both bring fond memories and great laughs. Cruises are one of those life experiences that everyone should enjoy, but most times our seniors don’t always have the ability to go because they are without a caretaker to accompany them in case of emergency. A cruise would be a great way to show appreciation for a family member or friend, and it’s relatively inexpensive for the experience.

If a cruise is out of budget or just not in the cards for you this year, another nice gesture would be to host a get-together either indoors or outdoors -- or both! Topped with games, barbeque, and maybe nap time after all of that food, it’s great for family day and can really show appreciation and gratitude for the senior(s) in your life.

While taking a vacation or planning a nice party will certainly make your friends and family feel appreciated, it’s not always necessary. Often times, our seniors are happy just to visit and laugh, it’s a natural medicine, after all!

No matter the choice of celebration, it’s not the party or vacation that means the most, it’s the thought that counts. Spend a little more time with friends and family, appreciate all that life has to offer and celebrate Senior Citizen Day with a smile this year, have fun and be safe in that summer sun!

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