Standing aids provide support during the sit to stand transfer. If getting out of bed or out of a chair isn't as easy as it used to be, then one of our standing aids may be all the help you need. There is a vast array of standing devices to choose from. With a little help from a standing aid, standing becomes much easier. See below for easy to use and easy to install standing aids.

Sitting, Standing & Transfer Aids

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Pivoting curved grab bar can be positioned where it is most needed.
$219.95 $199.95
Provides a convenient lap tray that swivels 360 degrees.
$219.99 $169.95
Add on table for the Couch Cane
$69.95 $64.95
Helpful alternative to a lift chair for people who have difficulty standing
$45.95 $39.95
Helps users get up or stand up from a couch, large chair or recliner.
$159.95 $139.95
Bed mobility and transfer support handle.
$99.95 $89.95
Provides help for sitting up in bed.
Portable, folding bed mobility, transfer, standing aid.
Bed safety rail adjusts in length, useful as both a bed rail or hand rail for bed transfers.
$139.95 $119.95
The rotating pivot disk provides a smooth, controlled motion.
$94.95 $89.95
Used to move, turn or transfer of a mobility impaired person.
Safety handle provides sturdy support for users to get in and out of bed safely.
An economy solution for users who need a helping hand getting out of bed.
Helps improve in-bed transfer mobility, assists with standing and balancing.
Designed for use by people who are able to stand but cannot readily move their legs.
$69.95 $64.95
Safe alternative to a lift chair.
Raise a recliner to provide more leverage for standing.
$37.95 $35.00
Folding bed rail helps make transfer in and out of bed easier.
Provides added stability and support for bed transfers.
$94.95 $79.00
Secure and safe floor to ceiling grab bar to aid in standing.
Provides complete support for standing, stepping or transferring.
Increases floor to ceiling range for the SuperPole.
The bed rail that swings open!
Convenient way to take your transfer board with you.
Gliding seat makes transfers easier.
Gliding seat makes transfers easier.
High chair with padded seat makes sitting and standing easier.
Secure and safe bed trapeze grab bar and transfer assist pole.
Wall mount, ADA compliant safety rail for 2 - 3 steps.
Heavy gauge steel, vertical support pole provides greater accessibility for overweight users.
Transfer pole provides extra support to make standing easier.
$179.95 $169.95
Adjustable support frame with handles.
Durable furniture risers that help eliminate pain and frustration associated with furniture that is too low.
Dramatically reduces the effort required to transfer.
Provides steady support for people with limited mobility to safely stand or sit in their favorite recliner, sofa, couch or lift chair.
Compact and portable ergonomic mobility bed handle, ideal for travel.
$99.95 $94.95
Transfer handle and bed rail with swing out arm provides extra support for safe bed transfers.
$119.95 $99.95
Turner helps move users between seated positions.
$449.95 $405.00
Helpful for people who have trouble standing from standard armless chairs.
Durable furniture risers that help eliminate pain and frustration associated with furniture that is too low.
Easy to use emergency lifting cushion.
Easy to use, emergency lifting cushion and supportive back rest.
Easy to use cushion designed to assist in lifting the user from a seated to standing position.
Handy Pillow Lift Cushion by Mangar inflatable wedge assists those who need to rise from lying to sitting and also those who need to remain upright in bed.
Longer version of the Super Pole for tall ceilings
Provides complete support for standing, stepping or transferring for bariatric uses
Secure and safe grab bar to aid in standing for angled ceilings
Tensions mounted support pole for additional mobility, transferability, and support
Extends the Signature Life Sure Stand Pole for 12 foot ceilings
Combination standing aid and 360 degree swivel tray
Helps prevent falling out of bed, assists with bed mobility, transfers, standing
Offers extra stability for users to stand with confidence and peace of mind
Grab bar support ideal for rooms that won’t accommodate a floor to ceiling pole
Adjustable support frame with handles.
Adjustable height, leg padding, and various grip positions make it a safe and easy to use.
Extra strap for the Etac Molift Raiser that provides additional support and leverage during transfers
Durable transfer handle easily adjusts in height to fit a variety of sofa sizes and beds.
Double handles provide stability and support to make standing and sitting from a sofa or beds easier.
Combination bed safety step with dual grab bars and motion activated LED light helps decrease risk from falls when getting in and out of bed.
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