Every year, thousands of injuries and deaths are reported as a direct result of a fall. While there are many different reasons falls occur, one common cause is difficulty sitting in and rising from chairs.

At first, you might think that there could be nothing dangerous about a chair. Chairs provide a place to rest and support so that people won’t fall, right?

However, we all know the challenges chairs can bring, whether it’s our favorite easy chair or a wooden dining room chair. Sofas and couches can be particularly hard to get out of.

In fact, the Merck Manual, a reference used by health care professionals, recommends doctors perform a fall-risk test on patients that includes rising from an armchair, walking 10 feet, and sitting down again. If this process takes longer than 12 seconds, the patient may have a “significantly increased risk of falls.”

Have you ever had to:

  • push yourself up by placing your hands on your knees,
  • rock back and forth,
  • rest a few seconds, or
  • grab onto something

just to get up from a seated position? Then one or both of the products below might be exactly what you need to decrease your fall risk.

A cushion that rises automatically

The UP Lift Seat Assist Chair Lift has essentially the same function as an electric lift chair but with no buttons, controls, batteries, plug-ins, installations or electricity.

The brilliance of the UP Lift Seat Assist Chair Lift lies in its hydraulic lift technology that automatically lowers when you sit on it and rises when you start lifting yourself from the seat, providing an extra boost that makes absolutely all the difference.

Another great aspect of this seat lifter is the fact that it provides support exactly where you need it, as opposed to someone helping and possibly injuring you by lifting under your arms. No more need for added stress on the arms or other areas of your body.

For your beloved recliner

If you have a favorite recliner or lazy chair, you probably do not want to put an extra cushion inside of it. For this purpose, consider the Little Boost Platform.

The Little Boost Platform is a simple platform that raises your chair 3 inches. Don’t let its simplicity fool you — the Little Boost Platform is smartly designed with a security lip and 8-inch rubber pads on each corner to prevent sliding.

If you have a low to moderate fall risk, these standing aids can help you significantly lower that risk. You should speak with your health care professional about the potential benefits.

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