Christmas season is a busy time. Shopping for decorations and gifts, attending plays, programs, Christmas parties and dinners, keeps us on the go during this holiday time. For scooter users, this is a perfect time to outfit your scooter with accessories that will help make getting around on it a little more fun, convenient, and comfortable.

Deck the halls, or your scooter!

Christmas is a festive holiday-with colorful lights, decorative wreaths, garland and candles, inflatable characters, and elaborately decorated trees. Why not add to the festivities with a decorated scooter? Brightly colored and/or holiday themed flags can be added to your scooter to make it holiday fabulous. You can find flags for mobility scooters here.

Let it snow, but avoid the elements

Cold rainy days can quench your desire to participate in holiday activities; however, mobility scooter mittens, an umbrella holder, or a weather canopy can help protect you from the elements and make getting around on those days more comfortable.

Carry presents with scooter bags

Santa would approve of this one! When you are out doing your holiday shopping, carrying the gifts you’ve bought, along with your purse and other items, can be challenging. A basket or bag for your scooter can help provide some extra storage space. If you opt for a basket there are wire baskets and soft baskets to choose from. Wire baskets can be bought in varying sizes based on your need and can be purchased for the front or rear of the scooter. Soft baskets also come in various sizes and offer added safety protection for your items, as they have mesh pockets and a top that zips up. For those who prefer a bag over a basket, there are small, medium, large, extra-large and “monster size” bags to choose from. Some of these bags are made to attach to the arm rest of your scooter, while others are made for the seat back. Both types of bags offer zippered and mesh pockets on the front, side, and/or back, as well as inside compartments.

Lap desks for keeping naughty/nice list

Whether your shopping list is on a notepad or an iPad, a Grip Wedge is an ideal tool for holding your notebook, tablet, laptop etc. It is lightweight and easily held on your lap, which makes it both convenient and comfortable to use. A great tool to help keep you on track and make sure that you don’t forget anything on your list.

Now that we have provided you with some helpful accessories, we hope you grab your flags, bags, mittens, and wedge, scoot on out on your sensational scooter and enjoy the holiday season.

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