One convenient way to get the most out of your new scooter is to take advantage of the space you have to carry things on. Instead of trying to drive and hold a bunch of stuff at the same time, there are many kinds of scooter compartments you can buy to make carrying objects a breeze.

Carrying options

One option is to hang a bag on the back of your scooter, which can be great for toting backpacks and large items, but it can be hard to reach around to the back of your scooter to grab quickly. For this reason, let's look at some bags you can attach in a closer position: right under your armrest. Armrest saddle bags are the tried and true method for carrying easily accessible items on the scooter.

So saddle up, and let's take a look at some saddle bags that'll have you drawing objects from your side pocket quicker than a pistol-packing Lone Ranger.

Saddle up!

We sell three different sizes of the popular Saddle Armrest Bag, which features the super convenient "soft to the skin" mounting system.

Each Saddle Armrest Bag is mounted onto the armrest by wrapping a comfortable fabric around the top surface of the armrest and hooking it underneath with the loop strap. Deciding which size Saddle Armrest Bag to purchase depends on what you are looking for and your particular needs.

Carry small items efficiently

Standard Saddle Armrest Bag

The Standard size Saddle Armrest Bag is a single pocket bag great for keeping personal items close by. At 10 inches wide, 8 inches long and 3 inches deep, easily carry pens, pencils, small books, glasses containers and more.

Be organized

Deluxe Saddle Armrest Bag

The Deluxe size Saddle Armrest Bag has the same dimensions and features the same great mounting system, plus it includes a zippered interior pocket and extra outside pockets. This makes it great for carry different kinds of objects in the same bag, since you can keep the items organized and separated. Put pens in the interior pocket while keeping larger objects in the main compartment. Alternatively, the zipper pockets could allow you to carry some items in a more private manner.

Carry books, papers and folders

Large Saddle Armrest Bag

Finally, the Large size Saddle Bag features a total of seven compartments and measures a whopping 9 inches wide, 12 inches long and 3 inches deep. This makes it ideal for carrying books, documents, homework, binders and other papers and files. Furthermore, this bag will not interfere with mid-wheel scooters despite its impressive size.

Make carrying and reaching for things while out and about easier than ever with these great Scooter Armrest Saddle Bags.