Reduced mobility, whether due to a disability, illness, or injury, makes moving in a stable and safe manner challenging. In this article, we are going to introduce some aids that will help those with limited mobility to move with less risk and more stability.

Getting In and Out of a Car Safely

The frustrations that come with getting into and out of a car can turn you into a homebody. You don't have to let your mobility issues keep you inside though. There are some products available that will help you to safely and more easily enter and exit a vehicle. Car slides allow you to ease out of a car with minimal friction and are comfortable to sit on while you are riding. Swivel seat cushions reduce neck and back strain while enabling you to get into whatever position is most comfortable for you to get into and out of a car. These cushions are lightweight and have a 360 degree turning capability.

Help Getting Up

If getting up from the comforts of your chair, sofa, or bed is a problem, the aids below are the perfect solution.

Chair lifts can be used with most any type of chair and have a hydraulic mechanism that allows you to be lowered or raised to or from the chair with ease. No electricity, batteries, buttons, or switches are required, making the lifts simple to use.

Bed rails and transfer handles can help you to get into and out of bed independently and with less risk of falling. Extra support is offered by the extension of the legs of the bed rails. The rails are compatible with hospital beds as well as standard beds. Bed transfer handles provide a two-handed grip, giving you more leverage and stability when rising from or retiring to your bed. The handles are height adjustable to fit various mattress sizes and support up to three hundred pounds.

Bathroom Safety

Many of the slips and falls that occur in the home happen in the bathroom. Security poles are an aid that can help reduce these incidents. They offer the needed support in getting into and out of the tub and onto and off the toilet. The poles can be adjusted from 7 to 10 feet to accommodate varying ceiling heights. They are simple to install and no screws are needed. They provide a no-slip grip, providing support for up to 300 lbs.

We hope that these products help you to feel more stable and secure in moving around and help take the limits off your limited mobility.

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