About 25% of Americans who are older than 65 use some type of  mobility device: a cane, walker or wheelchair, as of 2011, according to a Journal of the American Geriatrics Society study.

The study found that using one of these devices does not lead to a higher risk of falling. However, people who use a cane did report that they limited their activities because they were concerned about falling.

These findings show that the number of senior citizens using mobility devices is higher in recent years.

According to the lead author of the study, staying as active as possible is important for us as we age, to maintain our mobility, health and overall function. People should use the best device for them that matches their activity level and their needs, in a safe way, according to Dr. Nancy Gell.

Her team looked at cross-sectional and longitudinal data from the 2011-12 National Health and Aging Trends Study. The people in the study were asked if they used a cane, walker or wheelchair in the last month, as well as about their fall history in the last year and their concerns about following.

The study found that 24% of adults over 65 reported they were using a cane, walker or wheelchair in 2011, and almost 10% stated that they had used more than one in the last month.

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