Mother's Day is coming up, and your loved one with mobility issues may find that getting around is getting more difficult as she ages. Fortunately, there are many very affordable products available today that can really make getting around the house and town a lot easier.

Some of these great mobility gift ideas include the following:

Our EZ-Access 5 FT Suitcase Ramp Signature is a very strong, single-fold ramp that will provide strength and safety that is needed, while also being portable and lightweight.

Also, as we age, our vision can be affected as well as our mobility. Our See 4 Safety Mobility Light ensures that your loved one can see well with her cane, walker or rollator:


And, one of the common problems for people with mobility problems is the risk of falls. Serious falls happen in the elderly thousands of times each year and can lead to serious health problems and even death. To minimize the chances of this happening, consider our Safe-T-Mate Personal Fall Monitor:

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