Mobility exercises are a good idea for the elderly to include in their overall physical activity program. Regular mobility exercises will help to keep your joints more flexible and lubricated. And if you can move around better, this will boost your self-confidence and independence.

Improved mobility also decreases chances of falling and will reduce joint pain.

Before starting any exercise program, be sure to check with your doctor, especially if you have had limited mobility recently.


Water Exercises

Water exercises for mobility can make your movements easier and less painful, states the Arthritis Foundation. This is very important for people with arthritis or fibromyalgia. Water makes us more buoyant, and this supports our body weight and reduces pressure on our joints.

Exercising in warm water will boost blood circulation as it raises body temperature and dilates blood vessels. Water walking in waist deep or chest deep water can help to improve your fitness and mobility.

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Water Weights

Chair Exercises

These types of exercises are useful for people who are in a wheelchair or are otherwise mobility impaired. These exercises also can be helpful for doing a warm up before doing a more intense physical workout. Try these exercises when you are sitting in a chair, or use the chair to balance and stabilize yourself.

Try ankle and foot mobility exercises by sitting on the edge of a chair. Put your feet on the floor firmly and extend your leg until only the heel touches the floor. Move your left toes toward your body and feel how it stretches the back of the leg. Then, lean forward from the hips to stretch more.

Hold this for five seconds. Return to the upright angle and move your left leg so it is planted again on the floor. Repeat this several times and then do it on the other leg.

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Keep trying these mobility exercises over a few months and you should find that your joints will loosen up and become more limber.