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Blue Leg Lifter leg lifting aid.
Blue Leg Lifter leg lifting aid.

Blue Leg Lifter

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Leg mobility aid helps lift a weak or casted leg.
Part Number: CKE31055
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The Blue Leg Lifter is a leg mobility aid that allows the user to raise or lower their legs from a bed or wheelchair. The foot opening can be adjusted to accommodate a swollen foot or leg cast.

The Leg Lifter is constructed of a long aluminum rod covered in durable webbing. This leg lifting aid with a handle and foot holding strap is designed for lifting a weak or casted leg onto a bed or for repositioning. Durable reinforced 1-inch polyester webbing covers a rigid but adjustable 26-inch long metal rod. By adjusting the foot loop opening, this leg lifter will accommodate a leg in a cast. People with weak legs can easily lift their legs and reposition for comfort when lying in bed or sitting in a chair. The 42-inch long Blue Leg Lifter allows people with a weak lower leg to move their leg using their hands.

Blue Leg Lifter Specifications:

  • Length: 42 inches.
  • Color: Navy blue.
  • Material: Aluminum rod and foothold covered with webbing.

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