Independence with Quality Transfer Lift

Posted by Matt on 7/3/2015 to Sitting, Standing, & Transfer Aids

The Fourth of July is such an important and meaningful national holiday for us here at The Wright Stuff, because it is a celebration of values we are committed to every day of the year, namely, freedom and independence.

On Independence Day, we not only celebrate the founding of this nation through its timeless Declaration of Independence, but also the general values of liberty entailed in the American spirit. For the past few decades, people with disabilities and their families have gone the American way of pursuing happiness and, through adaptive equipment and advocating public accommodations, paving a way for their future and success.

Difficult transfers limit freedom

One area of living with a mobility limitation that often makes one feel like they are not even free in their own home is the difficulty of transferring. If transferring is hard or impossible, you might face no other choice but to stay in one chair all day. For those who use wheelchairs, it often seems that their own furniture is in the way. Not being able to transfer easily to that favorite recliner or sofa, for instance, can get in the way of enjoying a relaxing afternoon of TV or movies.

A revolutionary lift system

Body UP Evolution Lift
Body UP Evolution Lift

That's where the Body UP Evolution Lift comes into play. This is a complete lift system that is easier to use than some other lift systems and is very comfortable for the person being transferred. The small sling is placed under the buttocks and belted to the armrests. The caregiver turns the hand cranks to lift the client or loved one easily to the desired height. For the person being transferred, it is like sitting in a normal chair, as they enjoy the support of both armrests and footrests. Therefore, the Body UP Evolution Lift can be used as a chair and a lift. Easily wheel the person from one room to another.

Vehicle transfers possible with this lift

Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion
Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion

One convenient use people get out of this lift system is transferring to a vehicle. You do not need to mount a separate patient lift system onto your vehicle with the Body UP Evolution Lift. Just lower the client onto the chair and wheel the lift out of the way. We recommend using the Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion for positioning after the transfer is complete.

The Body UP Evolution Lift could completely revolutionize your daily living routine, allowing you to go where you want in your own home. For more awesome aids and updates, be sure to like us on Facebook.

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