Nothing can soothe the body and soul on a cold winter day as much as a piping hot cup of tea. It does not really matter which type of tea - black, green, oolong, chair or green. Every type of hot tea has a wonderful taste of its own and its own impressive nutritional benefits.

January is known as National Hot Tea Month, and this is a great time to recognize the benefits of tea. After water, tea is the most widely consumed drink on earth. It is found in almost 80% of homes in the US.

Tea Health Benefits

Tea has been found to promote weight loss, in partnership with exercise and a healthy diet of course. Dutch researchers have found that the main ingredients in tea - catechins and caffeine - can boost our energy expenditures even when we are inactive. These ingredients also boost our body's ability to break down fat.

Tea also contains polyphenols, which are antioxidants that protect the lining of our blood vessels. This makes that morning cup of hot tea a great choice for a healthy heart.

Another study has found that black tea can stabilize the blood pressure. Rea also has been found to be at least linked to cancer prevention in some patients. Science cannot show at this time that drinking tea directly prevents cancer, but some research has indicated that drinking a cup of tea a day may be a factor in reducing some forms of cancer.

Tea Brewing Tips

To brew a perfect cup of hot tea, try these tips for size:
  • Heat it up - Brewing hot tea is best for preserving the high levels of antioxidants in this beverage, so make the tea nice and hot. Bottled tea usually has more sugar than antioxidants.
  • Buy organic tea - Organic brands cost more but they are not sprayed with pesticides, and the packaging has less chance of breaking down in the cup.
  • Don't use milk - Studies have suggested that adding milk dilutes the health benefits of brewed black tea. 
  • Add cinnamon - This spice adds zest to a cup of tea, as well as health benefits. Cinnamon may help to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol. 

Enjoy National Hot Tea Month with a cup of hot tea this morning! Let us know what your favorite type of hot tea is, and what you like to add to it.

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