One of the biggest challenges faced by people with mobility limitations is finding the best way to handle transfers, as well as ambulation for those who have some ability to walk. Many people find using gait and transfer belts helpful, but is it the solution for you? To determine this, you need to ask yourself some questions and look at what gait and transfer belts have to offer.

Determining whether you need a transfer belt

How severe is your mobility limitation? If you are paralyzed in the legs or cannot stand up with help, you will need a method of transfer, such as a transfer lift, that does not require any lifting on your part. If you have enough balance and strength, your caregiver could assist you with a simple transfer board. Only use a gait and transfer belt if you can stand and walk with help.

This type of belt will help keep both you and your caregiver safe. Instead of risking injury by grabbing onto someone in an awkward position, a gait and transfer belt facilitates correct posture and good body mechanics on the part of patient and caregiver alike.

Belts that go behind back and under knees

While many belts fit around the abdomen only, we offer several belts, such as the Transfer Sling and Gait Belt, that loop around the back and under the knees to making lifting easier.

The Transfer Sling and Gait Belt lifts more pounds, up to 500, and is a combination gait belt and transfer sling, gently supports back and under thighs.

The SafetySure Mary's Aide Transfer Sling offers a great amount of durability. Made of one solid piece, it reduces the risk of having straps riding up or cutting into the legs or back.

Four Big Loop Handles

The FEI Padded Transfer Belts with Handles are durable, 6-inch wide safety belts with handles, available in 2 different buckle styles. These gait and transfer belts provide comfortable support and are helpful for assisting individuals with getting up and sitting down and when walking.

Several straps offer flexibility for caregivers

Another belt that fits only around the back and abdomen is the durable Posey Six Handled Gait Belt. Made of strong nylon webbing, this belt also features six strap handles for your caregiver to grab onto for maximum flexibility.

Transferring and ambulatory assistance does not have to be a headache if you have the right tools at your disposal. Our gait and transfer belts could get you up and on your way while providing comfort and peace of mind.