Even if you have some degree of arthritis in your joints, it is never too late to improve joint strength and flexibility! If you follow the tips below, your joints will improve over time, leading to less pain and more activity. And, as doctors tell us, staying active and exercising regularly actually leads to LESS joint pain and increased flexibility.

Here are the four tips -

#1 Watch Weight Carefully!

We hear this often but it bears repeating: Keeping your weight down is the best thing that you can do to improve the health of your joints. Your knees, hips and back must support all that weight, so the less you weigh, the less they need to do. Research shows that with every pound you gain, your knees have four times more stress.

#2 Build Muscle

Many people do not realize this, but building muscle actually is good for your joints. Strong muscles support the joints. The actually serve as supporting structures for the joints. Muscle building also also builds up bone strength and reduces chances of breaking bones in falls as you age.

#3 Keep a Strong Core

Your exercise regimen should include exercises that boost the strength of your abdominal muscles. If you have stronger abs and back muscles, you will more easily keep your balance, which can prevent nasty spills.

#4 Exercise!

Sitting around in front of the PC or TV all day long will actually lead to more joint stiffness and pain. Weight bearing workouts keep bones strong and make your joints more flexible. Biking is great, as is swimming. Running is good but if you can't do that, walking is also a great choice.