As women get older, many will experience hip pain, which is more common in women than men. If the hip pain is not properly diagnosed and treated, it can lead to limited mobility over time.

Many women who complain of hip pain, experts say, may actually be having pain on the side of the upper thigh or upper buttock. Or, they may be having lower back pain that seems to be in the hip area. Hip pain also can be felt in the groin or outside of the hip right where the hip joint is.

If a woman complains of hip pain, the causes can be various, depending upon the age and activity level of the person. The most common causes of pain in the hip are:

#1 Arthritis

Osteoarthritis can affect all joints in the body as we get older. The ball and socket joints especially can wear out. Arthritis pain in the hip can be felt in the groin or in the front of the thigh.

#2 Hip Fractures

These types of fractures are very common in elderly women; women tend to get osteoporosis more than men, which leads to weaker bones. Symptoms of a fracture include pain when you stand on the leg or straighten it. The toes on the injured side could be turned out as well.

#3 Tendonitis or Bursitis

There are many tendons in the hip area that connect your muscles to the joint. These tendons may be inflamed if you use them too much.

In bursitis, the sacs filled with fluid around the joint are called bursae and they provide cushioning to the bony area of the hip that is near the surface of the skin. These sacs can get inflamed.

#4 Gynecological Problems

Pain that radiates to the hip can be caused by problems with the female reproductive system. Be sure to check with your doctor and have a complete check up.

If you are experiencing hip pain, you should have your doctor give you a full check up to see what the problem is. Many types of hip pain can be treated so your mobility is not limited for the long term.

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