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HealthCraft Products makes a variety of support products & transfer aids, including such brands as SuperPole™ & Invisia.

HealthCraft was founded in 1993 by an engineer, occupational therapist and a former DME store owner. This unique leadership was the foundation of HealthCraft’s DNA – merging creativity with industry experience to solve mobility issues. To help people better use their abilities rather than suffer decreased independence. To keep people safe and to prevent falls. To share better design with the world. Twenty years later, the partners are still excited to bring new ideas to life.

Healthcraft specializes in unique ergonomic designs to empower your life as usual. With innovative “pivot and lock” technology, offset rails for superior stability, and the flagship SuperPole™ system, Healthcraft helps users be safe at home.

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Grab bar support ideal for rooms that won’t accommodate a floor to ceiling pole
Secure and safe grab bar to aid in standing for angled ceilings
Provides complete support for standing, stepping or transferring for bariatric uses
Longer version of the Super Pole for tall ceilings
Wall mount, ADA compliant safety rail for 2 - 3 steps.
Additional extensions for the Smart Rail Bed Rail System
The bed rail that swings open!
Heavy gauge steel, vertical support pole provides greater accessibility for overweight users.
Secure and safe bed trapeze grab bar and transfer assist pole.
Increases floor to ceiling range for the SuperPole.
Provides complete support for standing, stepping or transferring.
Secure and safe floor to ceiling grab bar to aid in standing.