GRIP Holder for Drinks
GRIP Holder for Drinks conveniently holds glasses to free up wheelchair users hands.

GRIP Holder for Drinks

GRIP Solutions holder for drinks holds your cup so you do not have to

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Grip Solutions
  • Large base holder stabilizes drinking glasses and helps prevent spills.
  • For use with the Grip Solutions Lap Board or Activity Pad.
  • Securely holds most drinking glasses, yogurt & pudding cups.
  • Reduces the risk of wheelchair users spilling their drinks when using the Grip Activity Pad.
For wheelchair users who find it really inconvenient to hold a glass or cold drink between your knees so you can successfully wheel your chair, the GRIP Holder for Drinks is a practical solution. The wide base drink carrier was designed to securely hold a drinking glass to allow a wheelchair user's hands to be free. This convenient glass carrier securely holds a cup or handle-less mug on the GRIP Solutions Lap Board or GRIP Solutions Activity Pad.

The GRIP Drink Holder securely holds a drink on the Grip Solutions Lap Board or Grip Solutions Activity Pad. This clear, wide base cup holder is designed to stabilize a drink and reduce the risk of the drink tipping or spilling. In addition to cups and glasses, the Drink Holder can also accommodate small containers of yogurt or pudding. Ideal for wheelchair users who are tired of spilling their cold or hot drinks to independently wheel their wheel chair and carry a handle-less coffee mug, tea cup, or other drink.

The Grip Solutions Drink Holder is made of clear molded plastic that is dishwasher safe. The large base keeps the drink stable when placed on the non-slip Grip Solutions Lap Board or Activity Pad.

GRIP Solutions Holder for Drinks Specifications:

  • Color: Clear.
  • Dimensions: 5.5 inch diameter base, 2.75 inches high, inner diameter 2.5 inches at bottom, 3.25 inches at top.
  • Care: Hand washing recommended.
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