Three Ways To Make Foot Plates More Comfortable

Posted by Matt on 6/23/2015 to Wheelchair Accessories

Sitting long periods or even all day in a wheelchair can cause significant problems if care is not taken. We encourage all wheelchair users to get as much movement outside their wheelchair as safely possible. At the same time, there are things you can do to improve your seating experience. Today we are going to take a look at how to make your foot plates, also known as foot rests, more comfortable.

Wheelchairs need to be especially comfortable, much more so than regular chairs, because you are having to sit in your wheelchair quite a lot. You deserve for it to be comfortable.

Common foot plate problems

The problems people often have with wheelchair foot plates is that their feet are not stable on the  foot plates. Chances are, if you use a wheelchair, you have experienced the problem of your foot sliding off the foot plate for one reason or another: a bump on the road or sidewalk, shifting your weight, getting positioning assistance from a caregiver, etc. The following solutions will help keep your feet from sliding and keep them in a comfortable position.

Foot plate gripping material

 GRIP Solutions Footplate Pad
GRIP Solutions Footplate Pad

The GRIP Solutions Footplate Pad uses GRIP Solutions gripping material technology that provides just enough comfortable friction to keep your feet from sliding around. Keeping your foot where it is supposed to be promotes proper posture. The fact is, when your foot slides around to random positions, it affects your whole leg and body, such as causing your knee to be twisted at a painful angle. Solve that problem with the GRIP Solutions Footplate Pad.

A pad for resting your legs

Posey Leg Hugger
Posey Leg Hugger

Another wheelchair aid that promotes proper posture of the feet is the Posey Leg Hugger. This simple yet brilliant aid performs the necessary function of keeping your legs from falling backward, which would cause your feet to slip off the footplate.

Pads for the legs and feet

Posey Leg and Foot Hugger
Posey Leg and Foot Hugger

The Posey Leg and Foot Hugger comes with the leg holder described above plus a foot holder that raises the feet for more comfortable posture while also keeping your feet from falling through the gap in between the foot plates. This is especially important when your wheelchair is moving and can help to prevent spraining an ankle or suffering another injury.

It's your wheelchair, and you deserve to feel comfortable and at home.

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