Father’s Day is just around the corner. We lean on our fathers for just about everything we do. This Father’s Day, you can give him something to lean on with our ErgoActives Adjustable Ergonomic Cane.

Does your father require a cane in order to perform activities of daily living? A cane is a great tool for people who can walk independently but need a little extra support to maintain balance. Sometimes, canes are necessary when trying to recover from a leg or foot injury.

Traditional canes might get the job done, but they do not come with very many perks. Instead of getting a cane that only looks fancy, consider one that looks great but also has a smart design that prizes efficiency. Our hardworking fathers know how to get a job done well. Their canes should be no different!

Smart cane features

The power of the ErgoActives Adjustable Ergonomic Cane lies in its weight-bearing abilities. It is designed so that the user can put all their weight into the cane.

Furthermore, the ability to lean in to this cane is advanced by its special ergonomic handle. As you can see in the photo above, the handle is designed to fit the shape of your hand and prevent problems often caused by cane usage, such as callused hands or carpal tunnel syndrome. The cane also features a handy strap for carrying it when not in use, much like an umbrella.

The ErgoActives Adjustable Ergonomic Cane also features a telescopic height-adjustable mechanism that is triggered easily by the pressing of a button but locks securely in place once the appropriate height has been set. It adjusts between 27 and 42 inches.

Finally, the bottom tip of this special cane, called the Ergocap Ultralite Universal Shock Absorber Tip, is made with four rubber, rounded wings that allow the cane to be placed at a variety of angles. This can be a great support for maintaining balance and proper gait.

Get him something he can use

We hope you find the perfect gift for your father on his special day. Click here to order an ErgoActives Adjustable Ergonomic Cane, or check out our extensive store catalog for our other cane options and mobility-related products.

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