Many who are dealing with a recent disabling condition requiring the use of a walking cane or other walking aid are hesitant. Adopting a cane can sometimes make one feel like they are crossing a milestone or granting too much validity to their condition.

But it is not so. Using a cane is a part of everyday life for people young and old. In fact, for several centuries, canes were mainly worn for their style and expression. If you find yourself needing a cane in order to maintain balance, it's also a great opportunity for self-expression.

Rather than being embarrassed by a cane, wear your cane with confidence and look up to these historical and fictional figures known for sporting classy walking sticks.

1. Dr. House

The witty and notoriously sarcastic Dr. Gregory House from the hit TV series “House” has helped launch the cane back into popular fashion in the last decade.

2. Winston Churchill

The famous wartime British Prime Minister Winston Churchill always carried a cane and claimed to be “walking with destiny.”

3. Willy Wonka

The zany chocolatier from the classic children’s book Charlie and The Chocolate Factory would be incomplete without his cane.

4. Fred Astaire

Our list would be incomplete without mentioning the Broadway dancer whose cane tricks made him famous for “puttin on the ritz".

Canes are a wonderful accessory for expressing ourselves. Find a cane or cane accessory that is right for you!

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