Living a longer, healthier life is most likely be at the top of everyone's wish list.

Did you know that according to the census department, the average lifespan for a women is 82.3 years old and 76.3 for males?

It should be of no surprise, that as a westernized society, we live longer due to the medical technology available to us; this also includes the easy access we have to health and wellness education, products medications.

Keeping busy and maintaining one's lifestyle is always the goal, however, as one ages, various health issues can start to pop up unexpectedly especially those pesky aches and pains! But for some, chronic conditions may start to set in, requiring medication(s) that just may cause some unwanted side effects—compromised balance and/or mental sharpness increasing the risk of falling.

1 in 3 people over the age of 65 fall each year—50% of these falls will happen at home and 33% will require a trip to the emergency room. Simple tasks, such as changing a light bulb could result in a fall due to loss of balance. Even your everyday household chores can put you at risk. So how can you help safeguard yourself or your elderly loved one from sustaining a fall?

Well the good news is, is that there are a plethora of mobility aids to help you stay protected and be able to have peace of mind and keep your independence.

Such aids can include can include fall monitors that will detect a fall and send for emergency help, especially if you are alone. If you tend to weeble or wobble a bit when trying to get up from your recliner, chair risers can help you lift yourself up into a standing position, reducing the risk of losing your balance.

Falling as an elderly person can be quite devastating—losing one's independence and freedom can set the wheels in motion for further complications.

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