Aside from physical therapy and working on core balance, there’s not many options for unsteady feet out there without resorting to a cane or a walker. Sometimes people don’t always need to rely on that kind of mobility aid, but instead need something temporary to provide safety and comfort.

The Clumsy Kid

Kids fall, they get hurt and most times they get out of it with little harm. What about those kids that are chronically clumsy or have a pre-existing condition that causes them to take a tumble every once in awhile? No need for a walker if it’s not an everyday occurance. That’s when the Drop Support Harness for Children comes in handy, a selective solution.

Going on trips with the kids, walking around the beach, taking a hike, all of these things can cause kids to lose balance. The Support Harness can prevent that if an adult is nearby, ready to catch onto the harness and keep the child steady. This fits for children from 3 to 8 years old and can be adjusted for a snug, but comfortable fit.

The Drop Support Harness is also useful in recovery situations after an accident or surgery when kids can be a little less stable than usual.

Recovery and Caution

There are two other models available for the support harness, one for youth and another for adults. They both are adjustable and provide a snug, comfortable support. Seniors that might not need an official walking aid might use this product when taking longer travels. Other uses for a support harness can be during physical recovery after an accident that might’ve taken you off your legs for awhile.

Adjusting to walking again after going a long time without exercising those muscles can be tough and even scary. That’s why the support harness is a safe alternative to regaining strength and balance. Any caregiver or trainer can operate the harness, it’s easy and safe to use.

Not sure you need a full-time walking aid? Stay mobile with the Drop Support Harness, all you need is a person to walk with and a destination!

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