Curbs are one of the biggest access obstacles to people who use wheelchairs or rollators. There are few things more annoying than going about a normal day only to be stopped dead in your tracks, facing an insurmountable curb cut or drop off.

Anticipate curbs where possible

Many wheelchair and rollator users deal with this situation daily, and while we cannot foresee every drop that will come our way, we can anticipate certain of them. Do you find yourself having to tackle the same drops and steps on a periodic basis? Perhaps you find these little annoying steps at a friend's house or at your own house. Maybe you run across them while getting into and out of your vehicle.

Don't suffer in silence. While your peers may try to convince you to brave the bumps, it's your right to avoid unnecessary wheelchair or rollator stunts! Not to mention, rolling off of curb cuts without a proper ramp can be painful and even dangerous.

Moveable ramps solve a lot of problems

Check out our EZ Access Modular Entry Mats, which are customizable rubber wedge mats made of recycled tires with a non-slip surface. It's perfect for tackling those thresholds and curbs of a few inches in height. The rubber is highly durable, supports 850 pounds and works indoors and outdoors.

The Rubber Threshold Ramps with Beveled Edges by EZ Access are another rubber, highly flexible and portable solution to drops and curbs. It comes in either 1.5 or 2.5 inches in height. One great way to use this product is to carry it in your vehicle to have on hand when confronting those non-ADA-friendly situations in public.

Loading up made smoother

Finally, sometimes we must navigate drops even in our own vehicles. Depending on how you place your wheelchair in your vehicle, you may have to go over a one to three inch drop. This especially occurs in the cargo area of many vehicles.

The EZ Access Cargo Wedge Ramp is made of the perfect material to fit this space, as it can be easily trimmed with a utility knife or power saw. It is also highly durable and has enough traction to prevent slipping and sliding when transferring mobility equipment.