Arm pads, hand pads, gel forearm pads and crutch tips.

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Crutches provide stability as well as independence for those requiring assistance in ambulation on a short or long term basis. Crutches can be very uncomfortable. We have searched for easy to use and easy to install crutch accessories to make crutches more user friendly. Shop online for crutch accessories including arm pads, gel hand padding, crutch tips, and more!
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Prevents a cane or crutch from slipping on snow-covered, slushy or icy surfaces.
Fits 5/8 to 7/8 inch standard canes and crutches.
Provides for an excellent grip both indoors and outdoors.
Provides for an excellent grip both indoors and outdoors.
Glycerin gel provides unmatched arm padding for crutch users.
$29.95 $21.95
Pair of durable gel hand grip pads, especially useful for individuals who utilize crutches for longer periods.
$15.95 $13.95
Glycerin gel forearm pads provide long lasting comfort.
Makes it convenient for the handicapped person to comply with displaying the parking permit.
For carrying forearm or underarm type crutches while using a wheelchair or scooter.
Stretchable bag easily attaches with adjustable straps to standard crutch.
$24.95 $19.99
Easy to attach bag helps crutch users keep essential items handy without interfering with mobility.
Designed for the ultimate in crutch comfort and skin protection!
Pair of gel pads attach over existing crutch hand grips.
Attach over the existing foam or rubber crutch hand grips.
Best crutch alternative, provides hands free, pain free mobility for people with non-weight bearing lower leg injuries.
Absorb shock to reduce impact and reduce pain typically associated with crutches.
Universal fit attaches in seconds with velcro straps and a quick snap.
$14.95 $8.95
Replacement tip for walking cane owners who want increased stability.
Universal replacement tip whose patented design improves stability.
Crutch tip increases safety in challenging weather conditions.
Zip top tote bag for crutches keeps personal items safe.
$34.95 $29.95
Retractable spike provides a firm grip on snow, ice and most other outdoor surfaces.
Ergonomic crutches effectively reduce the impact with the ground during walking, more comfortable than standard crutches for children.
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