Modifying wheelchairs is sort of like modifying a car, it allows us to present ourselves however we want to. Modifications can include decals, paints, and nifty little add-ons to make it more comfortable and easy to use.

Modifications For Comfortability

Wheelchair “sittings” are never fun, they can take hours depending on the kind of chair you’re looking for. Some people prefer wheelchairs molded to their body, while others prefer premade chairs and cushions. It can take as little as five minutes or as long as five hours, and that’s just the first part. Then comes the years of use, maintenance, and repair after. Through weight loss and weight gains, our favorite wheelchairs can become super uncomfortable. What might have worked a year ago might not work now - and that’s why modifications exist!

Sometimes our bodies are so picky that a position that might have been comfortable yesterday might not be comfortable today. That’s why these positioning aids are helpful, they aid in providing superior support as needed. Support such as armrests, leg rests and plush cushions can drastically change wheelchair positioning.

Along with positioning aids, wheelchair cushions can make a huge difference as well. These cushions are made with AKTON Polymer so the cushions won’t leak. There are plenty of different cushions out there, gel infused or hybrids are one of the best, however. Aside from comfortability, mobile modifications can be made to wheelchairs as well.

3 Mobile Modifications

The second most important thing to consider when using a wheelchair is how efficient it is at actually doing its job, which would be keeping you mobile.

Wheelchair Umbrella Holder - Whether rain or shine, the Dry-Go Adjustable Wheelchair Umbrella Holder is a great addition for wheelchairs. Once equipped with an umbrella, it’s perfect to keep you dry and also acts as a personal shade for sun protection.

Work Tray - The best part about a wheelchair is having a mobile “seat” to go anywhere with, but it lacks a proper desk with it for eating, drinking, and working. A detachable Bariatric Clear Wheelchair Work Tray is ideal for those moments when finding a table to pull up to just isn’t in the cards. It’s convenient, easy to use and safe to use.

Transfers - The biggest factor in staying mobile is transporting to and from the couch, the wheelchair, back to the bed, to the couch again - you get the point. It can get tiresome, but a simpler way of transport is here. The Bariatric EZ Stand-N-Go by Stander adjusts in height, width, and weight to bring maximum support during transfers.

Modifications can come in all shapes and sizes, but do what fits and feels best for you. Don’t let yourself feel uncomfortable for longer than needed, consult a physical therapist about possible extensions and add-ons to your wheelchair.

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