Do you ever have problems with your cane falling over once you have rested it against the wall or armchair? While canes help us get around, sometimes we just need them to stay put. Bending over and reaching to get a cane sort of defeats the purpose. Let’s compare some of our cane holders that let the cane come to you instead of you to the cane.

When you want to have a way of setting your cane somewhere while you’re not using it, there are are at least two ways to go about it, and that’s what we’ll look at now. You can add prongs to the end of your cane, or you can attach an appendage to the middle of your cane, which will allow you to rest it against a wall or hook it on a table top. Also, there’s nothing that stops you from doing both of these strategies at the same time!

The pronged approach

AbleTripod Walking Cane Base

“The pronged approach” has the advantage of letting you set your cane literally anywhere with a flat surface, and it will stand on its own. The AbleTripod Walking Cane Base is one of our most versatile cane bases, as it fits canes of four different sizes: 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch, 7/8 inch and 1 inch. This base cane is a nice replacement for your rubber cane tip. Furthermore, the triangular prongs flex to absorb impact and pressure when walking.

Quadruple Cane Tip

Another good product that follows the “pronged approach” is the Quadruple Cane Tip. This tip increases stability and holds your cane upright at all times. This cane holder fits canes of 7/8-inch diameter.

The attachment approach

Cane Stay Walking Cane Holder

Another strategy, as mentioned, is to attach a hook or appendage in the middle or near the top of your cane. The Cane Stay Walking Cane Holder fits almost any size cane and is easily attached. Just grab the wings and squeeze like pliers to attach to the cane.

INGRID Cane Holder

The INGRID Cane Holder is another product that follows the “attachment approach.” This sleek cane holder was designed following consultation of Swedish experts in design and steel manufacturing and is made of high quality thermoplastic rubber. It features a stainless steel spring and an easy-to-use snap-on fitting. With this efficient and elegant cane holder, you’ll be carrying your cane with class and without having to fumble around for it.

If you’re frustrated because your cane keeps falling over, try these solutions and you’ll never have to raise cane again!

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