As individuals get older, the task of transitioning from a seated position to standing and sitting back down again, often becomes more difficult. Conditions such as arthritis and Parkinson’s Disease, with the symptoms of inflammation, pain, swelling, muscle weakness, and tremors, can make this task even more challenging. If you or a loved one are faced with such difficulties, there is help available to make this act a little easier for you or them. We are going to discuss a few products that will aid you in sitting and standing in the home and on the go.

Get up easier from your chair

Chair lifts utilize a hydraulic mechanism to aid people with limited mobility in getting up from or sitting down on a couch or chair in a gentle manner. These lifts come in both a standard and a plus model. The product itself only weighs eight pounds, but can hold 95 to 220 pounds (standard model) and 200-340 pounds (plus model).

Chair lifts are simple to use as they do not require electricity or batteries and there are no buttons to push. They work by eliminating 70% of the user’s body weight through the hydraulic action, thus making it easier to stand or get up from the furniture.

Transfer to and from bed

Bed rails and transfer handles make the transition from the bed to the floor and vice-versa, more comfortable and safe as well. The legs of the bed rails extend to the ground, giving the user extra support while they are standing. The rails are compatible with hospital beds as well as standard beds.

Bed transfer handles are small portable items that are easily assembled without tools. They provide additional leverage when sitting up and getting in and out of bed by offering a two-handed grip. They can be used with mattresses that are as low as 10 inches and as high as 17 inches and have a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Avoid slipping in the bathroom

Security poles are compact items that are excellent to use in small spaces such as the bathroom. They offer needed support in aiding in getting into and out of the tub and onto and off the toilet. These poles are height adjustable from 7 to 10 feet to fit various ceiling heights. The security poles are easy to install and no screws are needed, they are simply tension mounted between the floor and the ceiling. They offer a no-slip grip, providing support for up to 300 lbs.

Age and/or certain medical conditions can make standing and sitting a challenge, but these products and others can help you to meet that challenge.

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